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Get that GAAHBBAGE outta here! (a.k.a Theme Reveal Day)

July 4, 2019

Various daring MtA SHADs kicked off day four with a fun 6:30 a.m. run that was joined by the president of the university himself, Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau! He even tweeted about us. Following our ritual 7:30 fiducial, the very sleepy SHADs headed off to Jennings Hall for a filling potato-egg-french toast breakfast.


Heading off to breakfast.


Our delicious breakfast prepared by the wonderful cafeteria staff.


Our meal was followed by morning announcements and several inspiring SHAD Speaks on topics as diverse as the flaws in the education system and baseball. Then, the long-awaited 2019 design and entrepreneurship challenge was finally revealed…. *drumroll*... How might we help Canadians impactfully reduce their waste? The PAs threw quite a few curveballs at us in their creative reveal video, including some sporks. After a brief brainstorming period and another light shock when we were informed that our Great Garage Band Garage Sale musical performance groups were in fact our design challenge groups, some team-building exercises took place. Bonds were made and group rules established, as SHADs came together to embrace the challenge.


After the group sessions, the entire legion of MtA SHADS reconvened to listen to a highly enlightening seminar by faculty member Peter about market segments and niches, which taught us a lot about choosing a target audience for our design challenge product or service. Lunch was salad, chicken burgers, and fries (more potatoes…) - but the exciting part for many SHADs was the mint chocolate chip ice cream. Upon returning to the seminar hall, we heard a couple more SHAD Speaks. Then, faculty member Cara delivered a seminar about her experiences with creating SMART goals, as well as her personal story with failure. Cara’s perseverance and wisdom were really inspiring and gave us the courage to share some of our own experiences with failure and what we learned from those experiences. 


But there was more to the afternoon. The 52 of us brainstormed and created tentative designs for our 2019 SHAD MtA hoodies (or sweaters, or bunny hugs, depending on which part of Canada you hail from) and t-shirts! Many feisty arguments took place over the possible inclusion of ducks (Mount Allison’s mascot, the Mountie, is a duck), names on the back of the hoodie, and the size of the designs, but in the end we made some good leeway as 52-member group, and we’re sure the Community Committee will do a great job in finalizing the designs.


A highly engaging conversation between two SHADs.


Designing in progress. 


After our creative juices stopped flowing, we returned to Jennings for dinner; the highlights were cheesy broccoli rice and pie. Many took the opportunity to help themselves to more mint chocolate chip ice cream as well. Then we piled back into the seminar hall, where we heard from our PA Andrew about waste - more specifically, the complexities of waste management. Here’s a fun fact from the seminar: Canada leads the developed world in per capita production of garbage. Collectively, we SHADs brainstormed different types of waste, how it is currently being managed, the life cycle of products, and how we might combat some problems with the waste management system in the future. After this, we were finally ready to regroup in our design challenge teams for some hard work dissecting the challenge prompt and identifying specific problems to address in our business plan. Many astute observations and insightful questions were made as we started the month-long process of developing a product or service prototype to promote waste reduction in Canada!


As tired as many of us were after design challenge work, the day wasn’t over yet. Upon returning to our residence at nine in the evening, we split up for our first committee meetings. Essentially, there are six committees of seven to ten SHADs and each committee is tasked with planning and carrying out some sort of event or initiative documenting and celebrating the 2019 SHAD MtA experience. Some examples include Monthbook Committee (the name should be self-explanatory) and the aforementioned Community Committee, which is in charge of developing this year’s MtA swag, among other things. It wasn’t until an hour later, after the final fiducial of the day and evening announcements, that we were finally released for the night.


All in all, today was another exciting, unpredictable, and productive day in Sackville. We couldn’t have asked for a more engaging start to several major projects, including the design challenge and committee initiatives.


Four days down, twenty-three left to go!

 Trekking back to res.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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