and why they chose shad 


Erin Penney


Erin is an enthusiastic educator whose loves helping others get excited about science. She was particularly thrilled when she learned about the opportunity to co-direct SHAD at Mount Allison, as she is passionate about facilitating personal growth and empowering Canada’s youth. 
Erin graduated from Memorial University with a degree in Biochemistry before entering the workforce. She has a diverse background, working as a field biologist everywhere from remote northern Newfoundland to a deserted island in the Bering Sea. Erin now works as a laboratory instructor in the Department of Biology at Mount Allison. Here, she has developed strong interest in first year university success, and integrating experiential learning into the program curriculum.
In her free time, Erin enjoys staying fit (she recently became a certified personal trainer), gardening, running, hiking and camping. Erin also believes that it is important to give back to her community, she has served as a chair person on several fundraising committees and has recently started developing workshops to help women become more independent in the wilderness.


Justin Lim


Justin is best described as an adventurer and explorer, always eager to learn more about the world. He is an avid traveller (spending each summer across the globe), loves to get outside, and can't live without his daily cup of coffee. Justin completed his degree in Life Sciences, at Queen's University and is currently studying Medicine at the University of Toronto. He enjoys many laughs, off key signing and taking a ridiculous amount of photos. 


First attending 'Shad Valley' at UBC as a SHAD, returning to SHAD UBC as a Program Assistant in 2017, and working at SHAD Mount Allison as Program Manager in 2019, Justin is incredibly excited to be once again a part of the phenomenal magic that will be SHAD MtA.


Heather Litwiller

Heather is a recent graduate of Electrical Engineering at Queen’s University and a SHAD UBC 2013 fellow who couldn’t wait to return since the day she completed her first life changing SHAD experience. 


An energetic and positive individual, Heather is extraordinarily excited to be working with the SHAD MtA team this summer and with all of the students that grace our campus come July! She will bring her passion for the outdoors, hiking, biking, running and especially swimming to her role as rec director. When the day is done she can be found reading any book under the sun or talking at record speed to anyone in the vicinity. She is counting the days until the program starts! 







Emily hails from small Sackville, a marshy town in New Brunswick, so much on the border that it’s almost in Nova Scotia. She’s told that almost doesn’t count. Emily is passionate about language, education, healthcare, and existing in an anti-oppressive way. Emily enjoys being near the ocean, knitting, playing the guitar, watching sketch comedy, cross-country skiing, and hiking with her dog, a yellow lab named Dexter. Emily holds degrees from Mount Allison (BA.Hons Psychology) and Dalhousie (MSc Experimental Psychology). Currently, she’s studying Speech Language Pathology at McGill University in Montreal. She swears this is her last degree- for a while. Emily attended Shad in 2011 at Université Laval, which was a very formative experience for her, and may have contributed to her apparent need for perpetual learning. She’s super excited to be involved in SHAD this year at her alma matter and in her hometown. She hopes that she can help foster a love of learning and discovery in the newest generation of shads. July 2018 can’t come soon enough.

Patrick is a scholar who enjoys scholarly pursuits. His research at Mount Allison has included organic chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry and physiology. The latter two of which he studied on fish at the National Research Institute in Amazonas, Brazil.  Following graduation from Mount Allison with honours in chemistry, Patrick worked as a lab instructor for upper year synthetic chemistry before starting a master’s degree.

Outside of research and academic activities, Patrick is an avid outdoorsman and is heavily involved with conservation and community involvement through a local wildlife and shooting club. This allows him to work with like minded individuals on local projects and introduce groups to the outdoors through hunter education as well as youth fishing derbies. Other extracurricular activities taken part in include rugby and fitness, video games, trivia and most outdoor recreations.

Peter Hess

Peter brings 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience both in the USA and Canada in a variety of sectors ranging from transportation, Educational Technology,  heavy equipment to Christmas wreath manufacturing and exportation to name a few. Having lived and worked in the USA as a Corporate Business Manager with John Deere and Director of Marketing for a CASE dealer covering Texas, TN and Georgia Peter became quite familiar with US customers and the US market.  More recently, as President and owner of Wilson Wreath Company in New Brunswick, Managing Director of The New Brunswick Aerospace & Defence Association and now as CEO and owner of KAAMP Software Innovations Inc., Peter brings a strong background in cross border trade, national and international business development, entrepreneurialism, marketing, strategy, channel management, acquisitions and manufacturing.

Having completed his Bachelor of Commerce from MtA, Peter went on to complete his MBA at the Krannert Graduate School of Business at Purdue University during his time working in the mid-West USA with John Deere. Peter, his wife Tanya and their two children moved back to Sackville 15 years ago and are fully immersed in the community. They now live on a 160 acre hobby farm just outside of town keeping busy with blueberries, garlic, horses, chickens, dogs and cats galore along with their full time careers and volunteer work.







Amanda is a current third year bio-chemical engineering student at Queen's University in Kingston. Originally from Newmarket, Ontario, she loves to travel and is currently on exchange in Singapore. She enjoys nature and staying active - whether that means canoeing, portaging, or walking around a new place, exploring. She takes any opportunity possible to be in the water, and has volunteered to teach swimming lessons both in Newmarket and Kingston, at the local hospital and with SwimAbility Kingston.


Always excited about science and especially interested in increasing female enrollment in STEM, as well as being a long-time camp counsellor, she can't wait to get involved with the SHAD program for the first time. She loves how SHAD brings together students from all over Canada and is really excited to meet everyone!

Hanna Bincik is a Mount Allison student who will be graduating with a BA in Honours Psychology in May 2018. She is from Toronto, ON, but has called the east coast her home for the past four years. Hanna has done research in the animal lab at Mt. A looking at wheel running behavior in rats, and her thesis investigated factors affecting success and retention in first year university students. Aside from being a student, Hanna loves outdoor adventures and road trips. She is also into anything crafty, including knitting (particularly knitting fun socks), sewing, photography, and printmaking!


In her free time, Hanna also enjoys getting involved with the community by volunteering with literacy programs in Toronto and in Sackville. She attended ‘Shad Valley’ at UNB in 2014 and is so excited to be a part of SHAD Mt.A this summer!





Kate is an energetic individual, who belongs on the water more than she does on land. Growing up sailing the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay, she has coached across Ontario, and loves being able to share her passion for the sport with others. When forced to stay on land, Kate enjoys hiking, spending time with friends and listening to country music.


In school, Kate is currently finishing a degree in Life Sciences from Queen's University. A curious person at heart, Kate loves learning new things, and exploring the world around her. She is ecstatic to be a part of the SHAD MtA team, and can’t wait to see what new adventures this summer has in store!

Katherine is currently completely her B.Sc. in Chemistry at Mount Allison University. When she’s not in the lab synthesizing nanoparticles, you can find her hiking, swimming, reading a book or watching movies with friends. A unicycle enthusiast and a fencer, Katherine isn’t afraid to try new things and is always up for a challenge. She enjoys all kinds of music, so you’ll have to ignore her constant singing (unless of course you want to join in)!


Katherine is super excited to show Mount Allison to all the SHAD participants and welcome them all to Sackville! She loves getting to know new people and can’t wait to meet everyone and see what the summer has in store!





Mousa is a recent graduate of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. Through his co-op experience, he’s worked at numerous companies doing jobs in user experience design and software development. He loves watching sports (especially all Toronto teams), travelling, hearing new perspectives, and coffee!


He went to SHAD in 2013 at Université Laval. SHAD is a unique, inspiring and one of a kind program and has left a lasting impact on him. He’s wanted to be part of SHAD again since his experience 5 years ago, and is looking forward to an awesome summer ahead!

Nick attended SHAD UBC in 2014 and is thrilled to be returning as a Program Assistant this summer! Although Nick is currently pursuing a degree in Biochemistry at Mount Allison University, he is also likes to be involved with the arts. He enjoys playing cello, piano and guitar with friends and chamber groups. Nick is also excited about issues of international development, working as a coordinator with Sackville chapter of the World University Service of Canada. In the summers he has worked with the Berman Zebrafish Lab at Dalhousie University and as an accompanist with Neptune Theatre School in Halifax. In his time off Nick likes to spend time in the outdoors and especially biking, hiking and skiing. With that in mind, his favourite spot in Sackville is the Waterfowl Park.


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