and why they chose shad 


Erin Penney


Erin is an enthusiastic educator whose loves helping others get excited about science. She was particularly thrilled when she learned about the opportunity to co-direct SHAD at Mount Allison, as she is passionate about facilitating personal growth and empowering Canada’s youth. 
Erin graduated from Memorial University with a degree in Biochemistry before entering the workforce. She has a diverse background, working as a field biologist everywhere from remote northern Newfoundland to a deserted island in the Bering Sea. Erin now works as a laboratory instructor in the Department of Biology at Mount Allison. Here, she has developed strong interest in first year university success, and integrating experiential learning into the program curriculum.
In her free time, Erin enjoys staying fit (she recently became a certified personal trainer), gardening, running, hiking and camping. Erin also believes that it is important to give back to her community, she has served as a chair person on several fundraising committees and has recently started developing workshops to help women become more independent in the wilderness.


Justin Lim


Justin is best described as an adventurer and explorer, always eager to learn more about the world. He is an avid traveller (spending each summer across the globe), loves to get outside, and can't live without his daily cup of coffee. Justin completed his degree in Life Sciences, at Queen's University and is currently studying Medicine at the University of Toronto. He enjoys many laughs, off key signing and taking a ridiculous amount of photos. 


First attending 'Shad Valley' at UBC as a SHAD, returning to SHAD UBC as a Program Assistant in 2017, and working at SHAD Mount Allison as Program Manager & Assistant Program Director since 2018, Justin is incredibly excited to be once again a part of the phenomenal magic that will be SHAD MtA.


2019 Shad Mount Allison Team

2018 Shad Mount Allison Team


Thank you for expressing interest in joining Shad Mount Allison's 2020 Team. We have closed applications for this upcoming Shad season, and look forward to reviewing those applications already submitted

Applications due February 2nd, 2020

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